Stephanie San German

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Do you ever feel like you take your life for granted?


It all began during my time in Mexico as an international researcher, I had a near death experience that left me bedridden. Being stuck in a wheelchair and a neckbrace, I was able to go inside and had my moment of awakening which was “stop taking life for granted and live life on my own terms.”


Through moments where we’re faced with life decisions it’s so vital to go within and explore possibilities to become the owners of our lives.


Though I had always been self reflective in some form or another, this incident had me stop and take a look at my life. I realized that it doesn’t have to take an extreme catastrophe to be our awakening moments. Infused with a new vitality after diving deep into enlightened thinkers, spiritual leaders and texts, reconnecting with my body and strengthening it with yoga and exercise, I turned what was a total tragedy into the most enlightening time in my life.


This is what I want for you!


My wish is for you to is to receive the world in a practical way so that you see, understand, experience and then share your gifts.


It’s time to better understand your purpose in life, your highest expression and what season you are on this journey. It is clear 

you are here to connect with the divine and bring the inspired knowledge.


To manifest this I’ve dedicated my life to spending time with masters all over the world like John of God, Sue Frederick, the Dalai Lama, Malala Yousafzai and more and have created modalities to meet you where you’re at. With the Crystal Bed Sessions, Yoga, Neuromotor Techniques, Divine Purpose Sessions, we work together to bring your best self forward to feel good, release stress and be empowered to heal yourself daily.


Relax, tap into your intuition, shift energy with your body and connect to the higher realms today!


I’d love to have a chat and learn more about your needs and how we can work together!